YouTube Launches New Hashtag Landing Pages

YouTube, a video sharing platform by Google has launched a new feature for better content discover by users. From now by click on any hashtag on a video, you can able to see new landing pages for each hashtags.

According to YouTube content creators, it will be helpful for them to reach more viewers by adding relevant hashtags in their video description.

YouTube's Algorithm
Image Credit: Google

Users can find relevant videos on the same topic just by click on the hashtag on any video. It will be helpful for users to find more videos on the topic they are looking for.

YouTube App

The hashtag landing pages are accessed through clicking on a tag on YouTube, not by doing a hashtag search. However, if you want to go to a particular hashtag page directly, you can use the URL format of[yourterm] (e.g., – Source: TechCrunch

YouTube Hastags

In a recent video on YouTube Creator Insider channel has covered this topic. Now, this feature is rolled out by 100%. YouTube has also asked for feedback regarding this new feature from the creators and users.

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