PUBG is Not Returning till March 2021: Here is What you Need!

PUBG Mobile India Latest Updates:PUBG is coming to India?” This hike was created in the previous for among PUBG Mobile lovers and luckily PUBG India had also given hits of this comeback. But a whole month has passed till yet PUBG is not able to come back. Although PUBG INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED company has registered to provide a localized version of PUBG Mobile game. It is very good news for all PUBG game lovers in India.

But till yet the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has not given permits to relaunch PUBG. That’s way, it seems that in 2020 PUBG will not be launched. Even there is no hope for PUBG comeback before March 2021. So, it can take upto March 2021 or more for PUBG Mobile India to comeback.

What does it mean to relaunch PUBG Game in India where it was banned for security reasons? That is the question raised by the opposition. So, for this reason, PUBG has to go through for a long time for a comeback. PUBG Mobile India’s server and player data security will get a big boost with their tie-up with Microsoft Azure as the game is set to return soon. But there is no hope for PUBG comeback before March 2021.

Now, instead of waiting for PUBG Mobile comeback, you can consider to play and enjoy other Battle Royale games. Two great alternatives of PUBG are Call of Duty and Free Fire. Like Call of Duty or COD is a quite high-end game, and most of the PUBG players have a smartphone to easily run COD like games, so you can easily able to play them.

On the other hand, if you have a low-end smartphone you can easily play Free Fire, which is a very good battle royale game. Still, some PUBG lovers hate Free Fire, because they feel it’s hurting their ego, as Free Fire seems a cartoon game for them. But after all, these are all video games. So, just play and enjoy them.

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