MeitY Asked WhatsApp to Withdraw New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Latest News: A few days ago, it was publicly known that the popular messaging app WhatsApp is going to change the privacy policy. They are informed that in order to use the updated version of the app in the future, everyone has to click on the agree and accept the option. This list of agree options will contain updated information regarding the privacy policy of WhatsApp. If you do not click the accept button of this option, the app will become unusable. And using this updated version the user information may be shared with other platforms of the organization.

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The central government has been keeping an eye on this privacy policy issue from the very beginning. This time they sent a letter directly to the WhatsApp authorities. It has been requested that the information of Indian users be protected while respecting the privacy of their information.

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WhatsApp recently announced that users information can be shared with any of its affiliates, even Facebook. In addition, the app will be able to track the user’s location and other data at all times. People are starting to leave this very popular messaging app. Even now, in a country like India, only 16 percent of people agree to use this app.

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This is not the end. MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India) also want to know the whole privacy policy issue of WhatsApp and where the information is going and how it is being processed. According to the government, Indians need to be informed in detail about the differences between security policy, information security policy, cyber-security policy, privacy policy and encryption policy, corporate policy and the rest of the country.

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