DigiBoxx: India’s Own Alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox

DigiBoxx Latest News: NITI Aayog launched DigiBoxx, a made-in-India cloud storage service. With the help of this cloud data storage, all the information of the users will be protected within the country. This cloud storage and file sharing platform was launched by NITI Aayog’s CEO Amitabh Kant. In his words, the Prime Minister’s vision of a self-reliant India will be further enhanced by this cloud storage called DigiBoxx.

A few days ago, Google announced that free photo uploads will be discontinued from June 1, 2021. And DigiBoxx of the NITI Aayog will come in handy to meet the big problem of that storage shortage.

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In recent times, the cloud has become very important in people’s daily lives. This allows users to save various useful and unnecessary data online. If necessary, customers can access that data with just one click. Until now, this service has been provided to India by foreign companies. But no more,because from now India has it’s own cloud storage platform DigiBoxx.

DigiBoxx lets you create your own ID and store your data. You can also share it with anyone with the help of email or mobile number. Also, any Digiboxx file can be shared very quickly with InstaShare.

For now, Digiboxx can only be accessed from the web. However, it will soon be launched for Android and iOS devices, according to the policy commission. Indians can use Digiboxx for free, but up to a limit. At the moment, users can upload up to 20GB of storage and a maximum of 2GB of files at once for free.

However, to save extra data, the gantry will fall off! Like other cloud storage platforms, Digiboxx has to pay after a certain limit. After completing 20GB of free cloud storage, any user will have to pay as low as Rs 30 per month for a subscription to Digiboxx.

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