BitKart vs SMC International: Best Site to Buy Prebuild Gaming PC in India

BitKart vs SMC International: The gaming industry is vastly growing in India. Now Indian players are considering expensive gaming PCs for the day to day gaming needs.

YouTubers and many articles on the internet will suggest you build a full gaming PC by purchasing multiple parts from multiple stores and eCommerce sites. But it is a headache for non-techy people who don’t have the required knowledge in this PC and computers industry. That’s why prebuilt PCs are

Today in this article we going to talk about the 2 most popular prebuilt PC selling sites, first one is BitKart- and the second is SMC Internation- Let’s start our today’s topic.

BitKart vs SMC International: Comparison

#1 BitKart –

Starting the site in 2017, now Bitkart is now one of the most popular destination to buy prebuild gaming PCs in India. Not only the friendly customer support and quick assembly they offer a great service with a very affordable price point. Their offline office is located at Manjusha Building, 405, Block G 6, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110048.

Best Advantages of BitKart

  • Family friendly response.
  • Understand customer’s situation.
  • Simple pricing.
  • Quality Service.
  • On time response (no irritation feeling).
  • On time shipment.
  • Guaranteed claim of after sale service+warranty.

Not just only prebuilt gaming PCs, they also offer a Custom Rig option for those PC game lovers who want to customize their system from the very beginning. Additionally, Bitkart is also an authorized partner of many PC components and peripherals manufacturer brands like Nvidia, Inno3d, Adata, MSI and many more.

You can check a quick comparison table of Bitkart vs SMC International at below.

#2 SMC International –

SMC International is one of the major prebuild gaming PC site in India which has almost covered by a majority of the PC build YouTube channels in India. Starting the site in 2010 their mission is to create the absolute best custom PCs for every individual’s specific wants and needs. Whether you want the most realistic and immersive gaming experience or ultra-fast workstation performance, every SMC International PC is up to the task.

Best Advantages of SMC International

  • Friendly customer support.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • On time shipment.
  • Customize option for PC components.
  • Free shipping on prebuilt PCs only.

SMC International offline office is located at B-10 & B-11, Meghdoot Building, 94, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019.

Now you can check a quick comparison table of SMC International vs Bitkart at below.

BitKart vs SMC International Quick Comparison

Prebuild PC SiteBitkartSMC International
Components AvailabilityYesYes
Affordable PricingYesYes
Discount on PurchaseYes on Bank TransferNo
Authorized SellersYesYes
Dedicated Support DepartmentYesNo
Free ShippingNoOnly on Prebuilt PCs
On Site Warranty3 YearsNot Available on Site
Offline OfficeManjusha Building,
405, Block G 6,Nehru Place
New Delhi, 110048.
B-10 & B-11, Meghdoot Building,
94, Nehru Place,
New Delhi, 110019


After comparing both of the prebuilt gaming PC sites, we can come to a conclusion that Bitkart will give you more benefit on your purchase a prebuilt gaming PC. However, SMC International is good to go as an alternative. That’s all.

FAQs on BitKart vs SMC International

Is Bitkart safe and genuine to buy prebuilt gaming PC?

Yes, Bitkart is fully safe and genuine to buy prebuilt gaming PCs in India.

Is SMC International safe and genuine to buy prebuilt gaming PC?

Yes, SMC International is safe and genuine to buy prebuilt gaming PCs in India.

Bitkart vs SMC International: who offers best price?

As per our checks, Bitkart offers best price over SMC International.

Will I get warranty from Bitkart or SMC International?

Bitkart offers 3 years on site warranty from their end.
SMC International asks to claim warranty from the parent company.

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