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Android and iOS are very different when it comes to updates. Android phones normally they only receive 2-3 major system updates during their lifetime. iPhones, on the other hand, receive up to twice as many updates as Android because Apple usually gives them 5 years of software support. Monday, 17th January 2022

Now the question is… Which users are happier with their mobile updates? Android users or iOS users? The Router Network website set out to find the answers to these questions and for this they conducted a survey of 1000 people in which they were asked how they feel about the updates their phones receive. Join us to see the results.

Android users update their phones faster and have a more positive experience

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The main finding of the survey is that Android users are more likely to use the latest version of the operating system on their phones than iOS users, who aren’t as excited about upgrading their iPhones. Furthermore, it was revealed that recent Android updates were a positive experience in more cases than for iOS users.

Now, there are a lot of nuances around this survey that make its results less valid. These are the ones we detect:

  • 1000 respondents is not a representative sample of the 5.19 billion users using smartphones Android and iOS (in 2020).
  • All respondents are from the United States, and those representing Android, They only use Samsung Galaxy S mobiles.
  • Since updates on Android are not so frequent, it is normal for users to update with more joy than those of iOS, since these are already very accustomed to updates.

Beyond that, and speaking of specific data from the survey that we found interesting, a whopping 98% of respondents using a Galaxy S21 had the latest Android update, while only 91% of iPhone 13 users could say the same. Being two phones from the same year, the truth is that it is a bit surprising.

It’s also impressive that, according to this survey, iOS users are slightly less likely to update as soon as they get a notification to do so. Apparently, they prefer to wait to avoid the bugs of the first versions. If you want to see all the data and conclusions of this survey, click on the link below.

Source | Router Network

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