4 Years Later, Airtel Gains 2.3 million New Subscribers than Reliance Jio

Latest Telecom News: After four years, Bharti Airtel has exceeded Reliance Jio in terms of increasing the number of monthly subscribers. In September 2020, Airtel surpassed all other telecom companies in the country in terms of subscriber growth. The information was released by the country’s telecom regulator TRAI on last Thursday.

Reliance Jio started commercial operations since September 2016. And since then, Mukesh Ambani’s company was the top on the basis of subscribers count. And within a few days of coming to the market, Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company has acquired 15.97 million new subscribers.

Airtel has seen a huge growth in September 2020. In that month, this telecom company added a total of 3.77 million new customers (Airtel Subscribers September 2020). And Reliance Jio is right behind Airtel in terms of increasing the number of subscribers in September. In September this year, 1.46 million new customers became members of the Jio family. However, the biggest loss has been Vodafone Idea or Vi. Vi lost 4.65 million subscribers in September. On the other hand, MTNL and Reliance Communications lost 5,784 and 1,324 subscribers respectively.
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However, even in this situation, the government telecom company BSNL is turning around. With the exception of Airtel and Jio, where most telecom companies are losing customers, BSNL added 78,454 new customers in September this year. However, in all respects, Reliance Jio is dominating the telecom market in September with 404.12 million subscribers. It is followed by Airtel with 326.61 million subscribers, Vodafone Idea with 295.49 million subscribers, BSNL with 118.89 million subscribers and MTNL with 3.33 million subscribers.

Source: TRAI Report; September 2020

On the other hand, in September this year, the overall number of telecom subscribers in the country has increased at a significant rate. The total number of telecom subscribers in the country in August was 1,167.81 million. That number rose to 1,168.66 million in September. While the number of wireless telecom subscribers in India was 1,147.92 in August, it was 1,148.58 million in September.

In the same way, the number of landline customers has also increased in September. The total number of landline subscribers in the country was 19.89 million in August, up from 20.08 million in September. The country’s broadband subscribers rose 1.41 percent in September. The number of broadband subscribers in India as of August 2020 was 716.19 million. The country’s broadband subscribers were 726.32 million in September.

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